The Front Range of Waterton

The Front Range Six is a mountaineering challenge consisting of six moderate to difficult hikes with considerable scrambling elements. These mountains are not for the faint of heart with many of the routes being technical and requiring hands-on climbing. However, those who reach the summits are rewarded with incredible, breathtaking views, and bragging rights for conquering these impressive and physically demanding climbs.

Sign up at Pearls Cafe before taking on the mountains and check in before and after each climb to update your card. Once you’ve reached all six peaks (doesn’t have to all be in the same year), get your name on the Glory Boards for all to see! Exclusive t-shirts are also available. Be sure to grab a healthy bagged lunch, breakfast and a coffee from Pearls before you set out on your journey. You can also write about your experiences in the Pearls hiking journals and share your epic stories with other adventurers.

Some of the Front Range Six mountains offer different routes with varying degrees of difficulty. We recommend doing some additional research on each climb before heading out to find the route that best suits your skill level. Route and scrambling information are available online, in various guidebooks, and at the Parks Canada Compound.

Mountain safety is critical on any hike or climb; always carry the proper equipment including a first aid kit and bear spray, let someone know your trip plan, check trail conditions, wildlife advisories and weather forecasts before heading out, and always wear a helmet in scrambling terrain.

Image of the Front Range of Waterton

Upon completion of all six peaks you will get your names on the Wall at Pearls Cafe as some of the few and proud that were able to accomplish such a feat. This does not have to be done in a season (like the Triple Crown and the Fantastic Four) but can be done over a lifetime. I did 4 in 2013 before July 1, 2013 because, again, they are the front range so the snow comes off them earlier and I did 2 in 2012. It was an incredible experience to do these six peaks and I hope you will like the information I have provided on them.

The Glacier Mountaineering Society publishes a list that has 32 peaks in Waterton, while discussions with a Parks Canada Ranger yielded the number of 27 peaks. I have decided that Mount Buchanan and Buchanan Ridge should be considered only one peak, the same applies to Vimy Peak and Vimy Ridge but they missed Mount Boswell which is next to Mount Vimy. One may have a question about the number of peaks in Waterton. I know it is a small number of peaks. It’s a small park. In comparison, Glacier National Park has 232 peaks which is nine times bigger. I would assume Banff has an equivalent number as Glacier and Jasper would have at least 150 peaks.