Trout found throughout the park include cutthroat, rainbow, brooke and brown trout. There are special regulations for fishing in the Park. Stop by the visitors center to get your copy of the Park Fishing Regulations.

Trout around Waterton

The bull trout is the largest stream-dwelling char in Alberta. They can weigh up to 12 kg (26 lbs.) and have been known to reach lengths of 70 cm (28 inches) but sizes smaller than this are more common in Waterton Park. It was once found in large numbers in most eastern slopes drainages of Alberta, including the Waterton and Belly River drainages of Waterton Lakes and Glacier National Parks. In the 1920's, the bull trout was chosen as a symbol of Waterton Lakes National Park and used on the park entry license plate.

In 1995, a complete ban was implemented on the possession of bull trout by anglers. The slogan developed to aid anglers in identification was "No Black, Put it Back!" referring to the lack of black spots or lines on the back or dorsal fin of the bull trout. A bait ban was also introduced in the Belly and Waterton Rivers and their tributaries to reduce hooking mortality.