Triple Crown of Waterton

The Triple Crown of Waterton is a hiking challenge comprised of three world class trails in Waterton, Akamina Ridge, Carthew Alderson, and Crypt Lake. Conquer all three mountains in one summer and get your name on the Glory Board for all to see, the inner satisfaction of being a rad mountaineer. Are you up for the challenge?

Triple Crown Logo

Sign up at Pearls Café located in the Waterton Townsite. Make sure you snap a photo of yourself at the summit of each hike. Once you have completed the Triple Crown challenge, be sure to fill out our Waterton hike review and include the pictures of you summiting each hike and you will receive a spot on our glory board!

To commemorate your awesome achievement, Triple Crown T-shirts are available to purchase at Pizza of Waterton / Pearls Café.

Be sure to check out our glory board for a list of all those who have finished the Triple Crown challenge.

Also be sure to take lots of photos and submit them to our yearly photo contest. Please visit our Photo Contest page for more information.

Challengers also have the option of purchasing packages at the Aspen Village Inn for a bed and hot shower in between hikes.

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