Trail Etiqette

Our National Parks are here for the preservation of nature and the pleasure of everyone. Following these simple guidelines will ensure the enjoyment of all the Parks visitors and that these precious resources remain for future generations.

  • Research the trail map and regulations for the area you plan to hike.
  • Check trail heads for designated uses.
  • If you bring pets please leash them and follow any guidelines regarding animals.
  • Leave flowers, plants, and rocks where they lie. Avoid breaking branches on trees.
  • Stay on designated trails. Shortcuts can be dangerous and contribute to erosion.
  • Walk, ride, and cycle in single file to lessen trail widening, erosion, and braiding.
  • Hikers should move to the side of the trail when cyclists or equestrian riders approach. Allow horses and cyclists to pass.
  • Cyclists should travel slowly and carefully. Allow wildlife to move off the trail before passing. Signal your approach well in advance when passing hikers and indicate the side you intend to pass on. Pass slowly and with care. Dismount if approaching a horse and stand on the downhill side if possible.
Trail Etiqette Examples