Siyeh Pass

One of the bigger challenges of the Fantastic Four, Siyeh Pass is an exciting trail where there is no shortage of great scenery. Beginning at Siyeh Bend, 3 miles East of Logan's Pass, you will follow the bank of Siyeh Creek to Sunrift Gorge, just below the chasm.

Expecting a high-elevation route, the two passes of Siyeh Pass round Going-to-the-Sun Mountain. The elevation gain is 2,240 feet with a maximum elevation of 8,080 ft. It is recommended to check on trail conditions before you venture out: accumulated snow will sit on Matahpi Peak until late into the hiking season. After 2.7 miles, the road forks with Siyeh Pass on the right, through Preston Park and Piegan Pass via the left fork.

Hiking Siyeh Pass

On this route the exquisite beauty of nature can be fully enjoyed. Rock formations of dolomite and limestone split into "sandwiching" layers between green igneous diorite. You find yourself passing through subalpine fir, spruce, dwarfed fir and subalpine larch. During the summer, spot wildlife such as the abounding elk.

As you descend the last leg of the Baring Creek Valley's West wall, exercise caution: grizzly bears are not a uncommon sighting. There are also highwinds and many short switchbacks. That said, there's a great view of Sexton Glacier. Other sights worth noting are: Matahpi Peak to your North, St. Mary's Valley to the South, Mount Siyeh overlooking Cracker Lake and more peaks along the Continental Divide.