# Friday, November 18, 2011
Sometimes I imagine living in Waterton during these months must be what it's like to be inside of a snowglobe. Looking out my window now, there is knee-deep snow, a hazy cloud hanging over the sky and Bear's Hump is covered in white. A literal winter wonderland!

On Tuesday before driving in Pincher Creek, the scenery was quite similar (maybe a little bit less snow). Amazingly, once we arrived in town, there was not a single snowflake to be found on the ground, the sun was out shining! That's only a half hour jaunt from the park! Our winter weather seems to be totally self-contained, which many people might see as a drag, but I think is pretty cool. I can't wait to get out cross-country skiing again this year.

Cameron Lake has been closed off at the end of the Akamina Parkway road, to reopen the man-made ski trail that comes out annually. My boyfriend and a friend rented snowshoes yesterday and went up the trail towards Wall Lake, as far as the snow would safely allow. They were smart, let people know where they were going, when to expect them back and checked the avalanche warning system before they left (a must if you're doing backcountry or going down some of the seasonally un-maintainted trails.) They said although chilly, it was beautiful and the snow was a perfect powder. I'm just itching for my next day off to get out there with a pair of skis strapped on, camera in tow.
The other really cool thing about Waterton in the winter is the sense of community. There are only about 80 residents kicking around, so you get to know your neighbours a bit better. Movie and dinner nights with friends have been something to look forward to. A bunch of us also have a new tradition we like to call Poker and Pancake night (just as it sounds: we make pancakes and bacon, then we play poker.) I think as a vacation destination, you really have a quite unique situation. As someone who grew up in a city, it's really quite relaxing to escape the busy-ness of everyday life, be surrounded by breathtaking scenery and have true peace and quiet- although, this is everyday life for me now and it's great!

Speaking of the weather, the Pincher Creek Parade of Lights is happening tonight, beginning 6:30 pm, starting on Hewetson Ave, near Ranchland Mall, proceeding down Main St to the Subway- -cross your fingers it's not too nippy out. Waterton Park Inns and Resorts will have a horse-drawn carriage in the parade, pulling some of their staff. Watch for them (if you wave them on, I know they have candy.)

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